A member of this society automatically can have a right to join the ESOTERIQ society.

Third attempt on the same exam is still valid if and only if the test author gives a permission of the retests to the examiner (more than fourth attempt on the same exam is invalid).

The decimal borderline (either 198.0 with SD15 or 204.5 with SD16) is also valid.

The society accepts the following standardized IQ tests only at the newest norm reports.

Tests by Mislav Predavec

Verba 66 (raw 64/66), 199.4 with SD15

XVlingua (raw 35/35), 198.0 with SD15

Algebrica (raw 30/32), 198.3 with SD15

Esoterica (raw 24/32), 198.2 with SD15

Anoteleia 44 (raw 41/44), 198.3 with SD15

Tests by Paul Cooijmans

Test of the Beheaded Man (raw 39/40), 199 with SD15

The Sargasso Test (raw 65/65), 200 with SD15

The Nemesis Test (raw 20/22), 198.0 with SD15 

Cooijmans Intelligence Test – Form 3E (raw 78/78), 204 with SD15

The Hammer of Test-Hungry – Revision 2013 (raw 103/∞), 200 with SD15

Cooijmans On-Line Test – Two-barrelled version (raw 18/∞), 200 with SD15

The Final Test – Revision 2013 (raw 52/52), 205 with SD15

Test for Genius – Revision 2010 (raw 79/87), 199 with SD15

Test For Genius – Numerical and Spatial sections – Revision 2010 (raw 38/39), 199 with SD15

Verbal section of Test For Genius – Revision 2004 (raw 43/48), 200 with SD15

Numerical section of Test For Genius – Revision 2010 (raw 15/15), 200 with SD15

Narcissus`last stand (raw 68/71), 200 with SD15

Reflections In Peroxide (raw 18/18), 205 with SD15

The Test To End All Tests (raw 34/35), 199 with SD15

A Paranoiac’s Torture – Intelligence Test Utilizing Diabolic Exactitude (raw 28/28), 201 with SD15

Female Intelligence Test (raw 124/145), 198.0 with SD15 

Problems In Gentle Slopes of the second degree (raw 39/40), 198.0 with SD15 

Associative LIMIT (raw 90/90), 200 with SD15

Isis Test (raw 3/5), 200 with SD15

Invalid Tests

Stanford – Binet Intelligence Scale IV (SBIS-IV), Alfred Binet

Stanford – Binet Intelligence Scale V (SBIS-V), Alfred Binet

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale IV (WAIS-IV), David Wechsler

Individuals willing to establish full membership are advised to send proof of one or more qualifying scores on any of the accepted tests accompanied by the contact information of the psychologist, who administered the test, to the following e-mail address.

The membership fee is free.

Other tests may also be valid as the membership, so please contact to the administrator.